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Believe it or not, I do write other things besides blog posts about weird things I did to earn money. Moving forward, I’ll be posting other Jonathan Krieger writing content on this page. Enjoy.

I just started writing a blog for a website called Trivia Today. Each day I put together a fun trivia quiz about a different topic with the answers written in what is hopefully a humorous and engaging way. Even if you don’t like trivia, give it a shot. Here are quizzes I wrote about the following topics: The Heimlich Maneuver, Elvis on the Milton Berle Show, Babe Ruth and Aquariums. (You’ll see they are posted under the name Jason and my name does not appear. That is someone who posts them, but they were written by me).

It’s the Scandal season finale! And I was there to cover it (or at least make fun of it) with my latest installment of Stuff I Shout at the Television:


If you think Scandal normally is amped up with way too much adrenaline and cliffhanger fever than you ain’t seen nothing yet. We’re one episode away from the season finale for my latest installment of Stuff I Shout at the Television:


My latest Stuff I Shout at the Television about the April 4th episode of Scandal: “The Fluffer.”


I was really excited about this installment of Stuff I Shout at the Television, because my editor included a GIF.


My latest Stuff I Shout at the Television about the March 20th episode of Scandal: “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.”


Hey look! It’s another installment of Stuff I Shout at the Television on BDC Wire. This one about the March 13th episode of Scandal: “No Sun on the Horizon.” http://bdcwire.com/list/stuff-i-shout-at-the-tv-scandal-recap-no-sun-on-the-horizon/

New Stuff I Shout at the Television is up on BDCwire, this one about the March 6th episode of Scandal: “We Do Not Touch the First Ladies.” http://bdcwire.com/stuff-i-shout-at-the-tv-trying-and-failing-to-make-sense-of-this-weeks-scandal/

A new installment of Stuff I Shout at the Television, this one about the February 27th episode of Scandal: “We Do Not Touch the First Ladies.” http://bdcwire.com/list/stuff-i-shout-at-the-tv-scandal-is-back-and-still-crazy-as-hell/

My latest Stuff I Shout at the Television piece, about the December 12th episode of Scandal: http://bdcwire.com/stuff-i-shout-at-the-tv-scandal-a-door-marked-exit/

On December 6th, 2013 I wrote a piece for BDC Wire called Stuff I Shout at the Television, recapping the previous night’s episode of Scandal. If it gets a bunch of hits, hopefully this’ll be the first of many such pieces. If it doesn’t, well… this might be it. So check it out, and spread the word if you like it. Hopefully there’s more to come: http://bdcwire.com/stuff-i-shout-at-the-tv-scandal-dec-5-episode-yolo/

A piece I wrote for the Times of Israel about the woman who coined the term “Thanksgivukkah:” http://www.timesofisrael.com/meet-the-woman-who-coined-the-term-thanksgivukkah/

Peter Sagal, host of Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me… was nice enough to grant an interview request for a story I wrote for the Times Of Israel about his life and the role Judaism has played in shaping his career. To read it, click here.

There is no catchy heading for this column. It is simply what came out of me after the bombings on April 15th. It’s called, “Are you okay?” To read it, click here.



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