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If you’ve been reading my blog, then you know that probably no one is less qualified to give life advice than me. But since when has being totally unqualified stopped people from telling other people how to live their life? So it was that I launched Help Wanted– a podcast where my co-host, Lily Mooney, and I answer advice questions from listeners like you.

To submit a question, e-mail Questions can cover monumentally important decisions (like whether to join the priesthood), tremendously insignificant ones (like how often to clip your toenails), or anything in between. They can be about your job, your love life, or whatever else you can think of. If you would like to discuss your question on the air with us, include your phone number, but this is not required. As always, you should remember that we are in no way qualified to actually give advice, and that there is a nonzero chance we will make fun of you . But don’t worry, we won’t read your name unless you give your consent.

To download episodes of the show itself, click the links below. New episodes should be posted every other week. Enjoy.

Episode 04. This week on Help Wanted, Lily and Jonathan dive deep, answering things like “What do I do if I find out my boyfriend’s father is a convicted murderer?” and several other questions that can’t possibly live up to the excitement of that one. Air date: December 20, 2013.

Episode 03. The gloves come off this week as Jonathan and Lily argue over whether or not people should clean out their inboxes. And have other conversations that are also hopefully more exciting than the description would make them sound.

Episode 02. Help Wanted unveils its permanent cohost, Lily Mooney. The two of us teach one listener a valuable lesson in interracial dating and answer that age-old question, “What do I do if my husband won’t tell his mother that I’m eight months pregnant?”

Episode 01. Comedian Chris Zito comes by for our first episode where we help Rover find the best dogs for picking up chicks, help TJ fool his old classmates into thinking he’s successful come high school reunion time and help Jonathan name the show. If you like Chris, you should check out his website at: The website title is accurate. He’s a funny guy.

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