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When I’m not doing weird stuff to earn money, I can be found hosting trivia at bars and restaurants throughout Boston. Below is a list of all my venues if you want to come play.


Mondays 8pm- Ducali in the North End

First off, the food here is amazing. If you come, you have to try the Nachos Italiano, which are basically a hybrid of pizza and nachos delivered straight from heaven. There’s also a great staff, a lot of fun teams and some giant windows letting in the backdrop of the North End at night. I recommend showing up early because the place can fill up and we do sometimes have to turn teams away.

Tuesdays 10pm- The Foundry in Somerville

What? 10:00?! That’s so late! Calm down. You’re in Somerville, you’re supposed to be a night owl. We do the game a little bit different at the Foundry. We play a quick one-hour game for the late night crowd and it’s a great way to get a good trivia fix without being there all night. They also have a lot of beers on tap, a great staff, fun teams and just a cool vibe.

Thursdays 8pm- Pizzeria Regina in Allston (at the old Allston Sports Depot)

Despite being a big restaurant which frequently gets over 20 teams, it doesn’t feel impersonal.There’s a ton of regulars that come here that are a lot of fun. Throw in a great staff, patio seating when the weather gets nice, and, oh yeah, awesome prizes ($50 for first) and you have yourself a great place to play trivia.

Sundays 8pm- The 21st Amendment near the State House

Right across the street from the State House, the brilliantly named 21st Amendment is a great place to play trivia. Don’t take my word for it, we finished third in city voter’s best trivia night in Boston contest. The venue also has a killer group of regular teams and a wonderful staff.

Private Events-

Are you interested in having Stump! Trivia at your next private event? We do office parties, fundraisers, birthdays, and really anything else you can think of. Shoot me an e-mail at and I’d be glad to tell you more.


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