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Stump! TriviaJonathan Krieger | Writer, Podcaster, Trivia Host, Actor, Odd Jobber | Jonathan Krieger | Writer, Podcaster, Trivia Host, Actor, Odd Jobber
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Stump! Trivia

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I want to say thank you very much to everyone who played trivia at The Vault, The Dugout and Pizzeria Regina Allston. We raised $375 to support One Fund Boston– an organization set up by Mayor Menino and Governor Patrick to help those most affected by the bombings. Your generosity is inspiring and beautiful.




When I’m not doing weird stuff to earn money, I can be found hosting trivia at bars and restaurants throughout Boston. Below is a list of all the venues where I host if you want to come play.


Mondays 8pm- Ducali in the North End

For whatever reason, this place attracts a ton of fun teams, creating a great atmosphere to play trivia. It’s also got good food and giant windows letting in the North End night sky.

Tuesdays 7pm, 7:30 when there’s a Sox game- Pizzeria Uno’s, Kenmore Square

(645 Beacon Street, Kenmore Square, Boston, MA 02215)

I just started at UNO’s a couple of weeks ago, but I’m excited about the venue. We’re giving away all sorts of fun stuff for prizes. Obviously there’s the standard gift cards, but we’re also giving away fun, random stuff from beer vendors and deep dish pizzas. The staff is great, the food is great, and we are right up the street from Fenway Park.

Tuesdays 10pm- The Foundry in Somerville

What? 10:00?! That’s so late! Calm down. You’re in Somerville, you’re supposed to be a night owl. We do the game a little bit different at the Foundry. We play a quick one-hour game for the late night crowd and it’s a lot of fun. Try one of the many great beers they have on tap and get service from a really wonderful staff.

Thursdays 8pm- Pizzeria Regina in Allston (at the old Allston Sports Depot)

Despite being a big venue which regularly gets over 20 teams, it doesn’t feel impersonal. Regina also has great prizes ($50 for first) and patio seating when the weather gets nice. What’s better than trivia on the patio while sipping on a brew?

Sundays 8pm- The 21st Amendment near the State House

I always love crowds where you can push people’s buttons and the 21st Amendment is the best bar for that. Just a really fun crowd that has its own, unique dynamic. It also finished third in city voter’s best trivia night in Boston contest. So there’s that.

Private Events-

Are you interested in having Stump! Trivia at your next private event? We do office parties, fundraisers, birthdays, and really anything else you can think of. Shoot me an e-mail at jonathan@jonathankrieger.com and I’d be glad to tell you more.


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