Hello, and welcome to jonathankrieger.com. "Wow, this is a shitty website," you may be saying to yourself right now, and that's fair (though a little rude). Sadly, my site seems to have run into some problems and it is currently down for construction. However, this site is primarily meant to be a place where I can share some of my writing with the world. And I still have the files of what was on my website. So click here if you would like to see ten of the most recent entries of my Odd Jobs blog, where I did different things to earn money and then blogged about them. And click here if you want to see other pieces of writing I have posted. And finally e-mail me at jonathan@jonathankrieger.com if you are interested in being added to my mailing list. You will receive updates when I post new content, finally publish my book and, of course, have the website back and looking like it should. Until then, enjoy the skeleton version of my site.