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Jonathan Krieger | Writer, Podcaster, Trivia Host, Actor, Odd Jobber
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My latest installment of Stuff I Shout at the Television. This one about the March 13th episode of Scandal: "No Sun on the Horizon."

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This week on Help Wanted, we address the issue of what to do if you discover your boyfriend's father is a convicted murderer, and answer some other questions that aren't nearly as exciting.

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Let me tell you about Denise. You got your girlfriend flowers for Valentine’s Day? Ha. You got your boyfriend tickets to a basketball game? Psh.

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Welcome to the website of Jonathan Krieger. I make a lot of random stuff and this is where I put it. There’s the Odd Job blog where I do something different every week to earn money and then write about it, the Help Wanted podcast where we field advice questions despite being in no way qualified to give advice, and a dozen other little things. Making this stuff makes me happy, and I hope consuming it makes you happy.

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